“Notes for Arrival” from Blue Mesa Review

You will teach in a gleaming Title I fortress of glass and steel, set down as if by a wayward tornado (or was it a hurricane?) in a dirt field, at the end of a dead-end dirt road, smack dab in the middle of the dustiest place on earth. The highest hill will be the expressway overpass over FM 2812, a million dollars of Texas superfluity, since there will be no traffic.

“The Year I Didn’t” from Gulf Coast (reprinted in Best American Travel Writing 2013)

The year I didn’t walk 1,900 miles along the US-Mexico border, I purchased a detail map of the border states and Northern Mexico at the Circle K in McAllen. In my mind’s eye, the Pacific Ocean glistened crystalline blue when I finally arrived in Tijuana along Monument Road, sun-cracked and solitude-wizened.

In Print Only:

“City of Graves.” cream city review 36.2 (2013): 41-48.
“As the Crow Flies.” CutBank 78 (2013): 168-187.
“Mistaken Identities.” Portland Review 59.2 (2013): 119-121.
“The Roads Taken and Not.” The Gettysburg Review 24.4 (2011): 593-598.

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