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Swan Song

You won’t find it on a highway map, but a 250-year-old village on the Rio Grande is internationally famous among birders. Will it survive Trump’s wall?

The Salineño Preserve is one of many wildlife sanctuaries — including better-known destinations like the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, the National Butterfly Center and Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park — at grave risk if Trump’s wall is built as planned. The preserve’s tiny size and its location sandwiched between the river and the village mean that it could literally be wiped out. If the wall is built, it would at the very least cut off access to the riverside preserve. Potentially, it could be bulldozed entirely as part of a planned 150-foot enforcement zone.

Border Wall Opponents Stage Major Weekend Protests

SIERRA / AUGUST 14, 2017
A broad coalition of environmental and immigrant rights organizations staged a weekend of protests in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley in response to recently-released maps outlining planned border wall locations. Organizers believe the events represented the largest grassroots movement to date in opposition to one of President Trump’s most divisive policy priorities. Over a thousand border residents gathered at a historic mission and a national wildlife refuge, both of which would be affected by the wall, to protest the potentially devastating effects of the proposed 18- to 30-foot-high barrier on wildlife habitat and local communities. Read more in Sierra.

Envisioning a Border Without Walls

With the race on to construct a “great, great wall” along the U.S. Mexico border, it can be difficult to imagine a border future other than militarization and xenophobia. But envisioning a greener, more welcoming, and more secure future is what a collaborative of architecture students from the University of Texas at Austin and the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León set out to do. I wrote about some of their projects–including a binational environmental education campus, a new system for bridge traffic modeled on airport security, and a transborder bullet train–in this article at the Sierra Club website.