Revolutionizing Care for the Valley’s Diabetes Epidemic

It was a Sunday morning, already on its way to becoming the hottest day of the year, and the Alamo flea market, or pulga, was crowded. I wandered through aisles filled with people packed shoulder to shoulder, past vendors hawking everything from vacuum cleaner parts to a baby alligator. Next to a barbershop and an Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment center, I found it — a hand-lettered, neon-orange sign reading, “Previene la diabetes.” The clinic’s baby-blue waiting room was stifling hot, and full. Patients sat in flimsy plastic chairs, a line of strollers alongside them, waiting to be seen by one of the public health students who serve as clinic attendants. Behind a desk, the supervising physician, Dr. Brian Wickwire, sat thumbing through a collection of academic papers he’d printed for me. “Everybody loves the pulga,” he said by way of introduction. Keep reading at the Texas Observer.

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