The Day Shift

“La calavera,” the caller intoned, as Beatriz García placed a turquoise glass bead over the skull-and-crossbones icon on one of the two brightly colored cards on the table in front of her. It was 9 a.m. on a Tuesday morning at Lindos Momentos Adult Day Care in McAllen, and the chalupa — a bingo-like game featuring iconography drawn from Mexican folklore — was already in full swing. Beatriz, 74, has five children and worked for 21 years in a local elementary school cafeteria. Her husband, Guillermo, sits at her side. He’s 80 and picked cotton for 25 cents an hour as a migrant farmworker in his youth, and later worked as a handyman. When they both retired in 2004, they tried staying at home, but found it hard to manage on their own due to Beatriz’s bad knees, Guillermo’s health woes, including quintuple bypass surgery, and their youngest son Ray’s schizophrenia and depression. So they decided to give adult day care a try. Read more in the Texas Observer…

2 thoughts on “The Day Shift

  1. Hi Dan,
    Just by chance I read your article – absolutely amazing! I read thw whole article in the Texas Observer and was so impressed by your research,writing style ! Congrats!
    I will follow up with the other articles – exciting!
    Greetings from Hannover,Germany!


  2. Excellent article. It really captures some of the good work the daycares here in the valley do, without making excuses for the dire situation many older people in the valley are in. Things need to improve for the most helpless in the valley. It’s tough to be a senior citizen in the RGV. We need all the help we can get. I think I just heard today that Brownsville ranked as the poorest or unhealthiest city in the nation, or both? Great post. – Robert


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