portraitI first moved to the Rio Grande Valley–a few miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, right at the tip of Texas–in 2003 as part of the program Teach for America. Inexperienced and overwhelmed, I lasted only a semester as a fourth-grade teacher, but I was nonetheless taken by this place I now call home. With the exception of a three-year hiatus for graduate school in creative writing at Purdue University, I’ve been here ever since, working jobs ranging from security guard to museum tour guide to community college English professor. In the meantime, I met my wife Laura, and my two children, Ana and Byrdie (now 5 and 7), were born.

More than two years ago now, I left my English professor gig to become a (more or less) full-time freelance writer. Laura was feeling ready to go back to work full time, and with two young children, including our son who is on the autism spectrum, we wanted one of us to have a flexible enough schedule to be able to drop everything at a minute’s notice. And I was feeling ready to have more freedom to explore my interests in environmental and border issues, social justice, and creative nonfiction.

I wasn’t too sure then where this new journey would take me. A lot of days, I’m still not too sure where I’m going. While it’s a challenge to weave writing time and interviews around therapy appointments and mess-clean-up-duty, I’ve been blessed with editors who tolerate background-noise tantrums, interviewees who don’t blink when I take off with tires screeching because I need to pick up Ana at pre-school, and most of all a family that supports the time and unpaid credit card bills it takes to make a leap into writing as a career.

Thanks for visiting my website and taking a few moments out of your day to check out my work.

Please, be in touch! I can be reached at danielbluetyx@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Blue,

    Hi, there, Blue! Wow, Blue I just so, so very much absolutely love your cool website with such sharp and brilliant writings! What great reading pleasure this is for sure, Blue! Wow, was it nice seeing all of you for Christmas, my friend!!!!!! I so look forward to even more of your astounding writings, Blue!!!!!! I am just so very proud of you!!!!!!

    Peace and Love to all of you For Always, Your friend Sherry Gordon in Iowa City, Iowa


  2. This is a wonderful showcase of your work. I read several stories that I had missed. I’m glad you’ve taken the time to keep this site relatively updated so I can follow your work. I’m proud of you for making that writer leap.

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  3. That had to be such a hard call to make. But I am always thrilled when I ask someone what they do and they say “I’m a writer”. It just sounds so cool. Best of luck in your writing. I haven’t fully checked the blog but do you have a book out? Send me a link if you can, but I will search your site anyway. Great blog. Have a great writing day! – Robert (we met earlier at the café).


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